Never Miss A Customer Call Again

Intelligent Call handling

Inbound Call Management

Ensure you never ring busy again with customised inbound call handling at only £4.99 per month.


Inbound Management

Missing a customer call is missed business or damage to reputation. With Saffwoods inbound call handling queue's, businesses of any size will benefit from ensuring that every call is answered everytime.

Our inbound queuing systems are highly cost effective at only £4.99 per month, and can be customised with your personalised welcome message.

  • Customise Welcome Messages
  • Customise on Hold Music
  • Transfer Queued Calls After Wait Time
  • Transfer To Voicemail on Keypress
  • Advanced Inbound Reporting
  • Voice Record Queue

Customised Messages

Customise all your welcome messages, music on hold and voicemail for a branded, professional feel


Branded Welcome

Our inbound call queue is packed with easy to setup and change features. You can customise all your welcome messages and music on hold messages to suit your needs.

Giving your customers the right impression is a must for small, medium and large businesses. With Saffwood's inbound queuing service, you can maximise the professional impression you delivery every time.

Detailed Queue Reports

Utilise advanced queue reporting to understand wait times, calls answered vs. abandoned, call distibution and more.


Inbound Call Management

Your queue is packed full of useful easy to run reports for you to analyse and understand how your calls are being handled.

Using advanced call centre software, you will be able to identify areas within your business where you can make telephony and staffing improvements to ensure that all your calls are getting to the right people quickly and first time round.

Uptime & Resilience

Triple layer SIP failover protects your business communications.


SIP Failover Assurance

Saffwood utilises triple SIP carrier protection to ensure failover and redundancy for your phone system.

If there is an issue with a SIP carrier, our realtime monitoring system will identify this and move your telephony traffic to an unaffected SIP carrier.

Through this automatic, managed service we offer unbeatable levels of quality assurance and up time. Combined with a dedicated server and firewall security, we provide a highly stable, robust platform from which you can confidently run your business.

Dedicated Firewall Security

We ensure your solution is highly secure and protected behind the right kind of security .


Dedicated Sever & Firewall

All our corporate solutions reside on dedicated servers

By only granting firewall access to authorised sites and locations, you ensure that your phone system is stable and secure behind the right kind of security measures.

Unlike other hosted solutions, our corporate phone systems must have IP authorisation before any application can register to the soft switch. This ensures that you have complete control over who is using your phone system within your business.

Lowest Cost Phone System Available

From just £4.99 per extension with unbeatable rates you can harness the power of hosted VoIP.


Call Centre Rates

With a large traffic profile which attracts Gold and Platinum carriers, Saffwood Communications knows what it takes to run a world class VoIP service. With nearly half a million minutes per month of traffic, we are able to command very low calling rates on premium SIP routes. This ensures outstanding rates for a client and unbeatable voice quality. All our corporate solutions are charges on the following billing plan:

  • 10 Second Billing Increments
  • No Call Connection Fees
  • 8p to Mobiles
  • 1.5p to Landlines

We guarantee that our calls will take the shortest possible route to their destination and stay within the UK for UK to UK calls to ensure HD quality voice. With a presence in 6 UK data centres and triple layor SIP failover, we offer unbeatable levels of up time.

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